About Us

Having lived near the Pacific Ocean, our President, we learned the value of protecting valuable electronic equipment. Within a year after first moving to a home with an ocean front view, he had lost his television and computer to the ravages of salt air, dust and moisture. A deadly combination for sure!

After looking online at possible solutions (Dust Covers) to protect his equipment, he decided that his wife, who was an accomplished seamstress, could provide a better, more tailored solution for him.

Sure, there were products already on the market, so why not just buy one? Simple. Price and quality.

You could buy a cheap, imported, dust cover that basically was ‘one-size-fits-all’ dust cover. Or you could buy a quality made, more expensive dust cover that again, for the most part, was designed as ‘one-size-fits-all’.

Why not have the benefits of both? A quality made design at a fair price.

Thus, Was Born, Dust Covers For You!®

We think you’ll like us.